We are focused on creating an impactful community of founders, investors and advisors.

0 to 1 Journey with right customers

Consider us as your extended team helping you with Product Market Fit, Design Partners, Customer Introductions, Hiring and GTM strategy.

We mentor our portfolio companies on an ongoing basis via a team of Advisors, who are highly experienced leaders and come from diverse backgrounds globally, to provide valuable guidance and growth hacks, as required by our founders. We are here when you need us!

Pre-seed to Series A

Help you with Customer Success Strategy, Finance Operations and Revenue Recognition, Value driven discussions, Upsell strategy, global expansion, and VC introductions.

Meet the Team


Priya Ramachandran

Founding General Partner

Priya Ramachandran is the Founder and Managing Partner of Foster Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm with a focus on B2B Enterprise SaaS. As an Operator and a GTM expert, Priya works with cross-border companies, entrepreneurs with product market fit, international market entry advice and introductions. Prior to this role, Priya was with BoldCap, BetterCloud, Coupa, Intel Security and LogiGear Corporation leading various strategic operational roles with a focus on Product Strategy, Customer Strategy & Adoption and Customer Success. She is also an active mentor at SaaSBOOMi with a focus on enabling and empowering cross-border founders. Priya holds a Global Executive M.B.A degree from INSEAD and a B.S degree from Bangalore University.

Our Advisors


Vijay Sivaram

CEO – Quess IT Staffing, Quess Search & Recruitment

Vijay is the CEO of Quess IT Staffing and Quess Search and Recruitment. Vijay is a founding member of Quess Corp since its inception in 2007. Vijay has been instrumental in grounding, innovating and growing Quess’ vast portfolio of offerings. He has been exposed to all the platforms at Quess from Workforce Management and Operating Asset Management to Tech Services in his many roles with the organization. As an industry leader, Vijay holds multiple Directorships in Indian entities such as Greenpiece Landscapes India, Quess International Services, Vedang Cellular Services, Heptagon Technologies, Terrier Security Services (India) and Excelus Learning Solutions.


Donna Wilzeck

SVP - Coupa, Ketera, IBM, Accenture

Donna Wilczek is a SaaS technology executive with 20+ years of industry experience. She currently serves as the senior vice president of product strategy and innovation at Coupa Software. Wilczek is also a board member at Optimizely and a technology innovator who has been awarded thirteen software patents.


Ravi Thakur

Board Advisor, Investor

Ravi Thakur is a strategic advisor, board member, and investor in fast growing technology companies. Leveraging his big company at Oracle and his growth story at Coupa (Founding team to IPO to 3k+ employees), he is supporting companies on their own growth journey to be the next Coupa.


Chinyere Obi

Business, Law, Strategy

Chinyere’s expertise spans multiple areas, including business analytics, technical analysis, commercial strategy, and strategic planning. With 18 years of experience, her combination of technical skills and business acumen allows her to distill complex information into clear and actionable advice, making her a valuable partner to both founders and investors.


Prasad Ramakrishnan

SVP of IT and Chief Information Officer at Freshworks

Prasad Ramakrishnan is the Chief Information Officer of Freshworks and is responsible for the IT vision and strategy of the company and its execution. Prior to joining Freshworks, Prasad was the CIO of Veeva. Before that, he was the VP of IT at HotChalk and headed IT teams at Bodhtree, Buxton, Infoblox, FormFactor, Brocade, Keane (NTTData), Intraware and had started his career at Wipro.

Our Investments

Our Investments


Srikrishnan Ganesan

Co-Founder & CEO Rocketlane

Priya is extremely helpful, connected, and savvy. She will help her portfolio in every way and at every possible opportunity that comes up. She is a company builder and we’re privileged to have her backing us on the journey.

Priya is extremely helpful, connected, and savvy. She will help her portfolio in every way and at every possible opportunity that comes up. She is a company builder and we’re privileged to have her backing us on the journey.


Karthik Ramamoorthy

Entrepreneur & SVP, Zuora

Priya is deeply passionate about helping startups succeed and is dedicated to providing the necessary resources for success. With Foster Ventures, she will continue to support innovative startups and build a fund that benefits both the founders and limited partners. Her dedication to the success of entrepreneurs is evident and she is a valuable asset for any startup to have on their team.


Ganesh Ramakrishna

Founder & CEO -  Lyric.tech

Lyric is honored to have you as an investor, as your deep expertise in Enterprise SaaS and experience in the supply chain software space, your thoughtful approach to creating win-win connections for the company with investors and entrepreneurs, and your accomplished leadership will be valuable assets to the company in terms of strategic partnerships, recruitment of talented engineers and leaders, and overall success.


Vinod Muthukrishnan

CCO Uniphore and Founder - CloudCherry

Priya is a great operator, investor and a phenomenal human being. Her natural understanding of what it takes to build a business through her career serves her well as she picks category defining companies very early and her connection with those founders positions her as a trusted friend and advisor



How early do you invest? 

We are early stage investors ready to back founders who have an idea with a clear value proposition. We will work with you in building the MVP, getting the product market fit and the GTM strategy. 

We do pre-seed, seed and Series A.

How much do you usually invest in a company?

We write checks in the size of USD 100K - USD500K.

Which areas do you invest in?

We invest in B2B Enterprise SaaS companies.

Where do you invest?

We are a global fund focused on supporting founders from across the globe building global products.

What is the investment process?

We have a standard diligence process similar to all the other funds. The main focus for us is getting to know the founding team before proceeding with the other steps.

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